How the Adaptyv Foundry works

1. Experiment setup

After you confirm your experiment, our foundry automatically orders all necessary experiment components. Typically we will have everything ready within 2 weeks to start the experiments.

2. Building phase

After all components are ready, we assemble the DNA for your proteins and express them. Our expression systems are optimized to ensure proper protein folding and high yields. Whether you’re working with nanobodies, scFvs, other antibody formats or fully de novo designed proteins - we got you covered!

3. Protein test

We use state-of-the-art instruments for sensing biomolecular interactions. Our assays have been optimized over many iterations to deliver high quality, reproducible data that allows you to make better decisions about how to improve your designs.

4. Data collection and validation

We automatically process and fit your data and generate an interactive report that shows you the most important experiment results at one glance. We handle the data processing for you and show you exactly how your designs performed, including confidence intervals and noise estimates.

Choose experiment type

Protein Binding Screening
Detect whether your proteins bind to a target protein


3 weeks till results
Protein Affinity Characterization
Quantify the binding strength of your proteins to their targets


3 weeks till results
Epitope Binning Analysis
Map protein binding sites on your target


3 weeks till results
Measure how stable your proteins are vs heat
Coming soon
Gene Editing Enzymes
Measure how your proteins bind and edit DNA
Coming soon
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